WebKiosk 8.2.1 - Mac version

Web browser for internet kiosks

The biggest strength of WebKiosk: simplicity and reliability.

WebKiosk is a full screen, and secure web browser designed for Internet kiosks installed in public spaces like museums, libraries, trade-shows, office lobbies and more.

Version 8 is a complete rewrite featuring a modern engine for more flexibility, advanced features like automatic remote deployment of settings. Version 7.1 is still available for older Macs.

Born in 2008, our app is used and trusted by hundred of thousands of IT professionals. Former names of the app: MacPodium, xStand.

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    Version 8.2.1. Requires macOS 11 or later versions. Universal binary optimized for Intel and Apple Silicon processors. Notarized by Apple secure service to prevent malware. Changelog


Easy to try, easy to buy

WebKiosk 8 is very affordable. We have amazing discounts based on quantities. After downloading and playing with the trial version, you can unlock all features by purchasing a license.

EASY DEPLOYMENT: There is an option allowing you to deploy preferences to many kiosks with one click
(it's a FREE online service that you can test in trial mode).

NOTE An iPad version is also available (no trial version)

Features WebKiosk 7 WebKiosk 8 for Mac WebKiosk 8 for Windows WebKiosk 8 for Linux
Platform Mac Mac PC PC
Compatibility level macOS 10.9 or + macOS 11 or + Windows 10 or + Ubuntu 20.04 or +
Optimized for macOS Catalina macOS Ventura Windows 11 Ubuntu 22.04
Optimized Intel Intel & Apple Silicon Intel & ARM Intel
HTML engine WebKit legacy WebKit WKWebView Chromium WebKit
Full screen mode
Support of local website
Password for preferences
URL control (white list)
Customizable user interface
Digital signage applications support
Virtual keyboard for touchscreens
Integration of a web server for local websites
Option to add a logo in the toolbar
Option to apply settings to multiple kiosks


Our customers are located around the world, and they love our solution for many reasons. The primary one is the ability to manage any kiosk project in a couple of minutes. Some examples:



Number of licenses 2 3 to 10 11 to 50 51 and +
Discount in percentage -20% -35% -45% -55%

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