VigiKiosk 1.0.2 - For macOS only

Easy kiosks monitoring

The biggest strength of VigiKiosk: simplicity and reliability.

You can survey your kiosks or student computers during assessments. You can also send AppleScript commands remotely. A service powered by Mac servers, and a very powerful engine. It's the perfect companion for WebKiosk web browser.

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    Download VigiKiosk Agent
    (free background application to install on monitored kiosks)

    Version 1.0.2. Requires macOS 11 or later versions. Universal binary optimized for Intel and Apple Silicon processors. Notarized by Apple secure service to prevent malware. NOTE: VigiKiosk Agent app works from macOS 10.12.


Easy to try, easy to buy

VigiKiosk is very easy to use. Just install VigiKiosk Agent freeware on the kiosks that you want to survey. After this step, you can see the screen of each kiosk with VigiKiosk app.

After downloading and playing with the trial version, you can unlock all features by purchasing a license. The trial version is limited to the monitoring of two kiosks.


Monitor up to 25 kiosks

The performance of VigiKiosk engine allows you to keep an eye on multiple kiosks. You can assign your kiosks by zones to extend this limitation.

Easy to use

We only focus on the most used features of kiosks monitoring. VigiKiosk is intuitive and fun to use. Two minutes are needed per kiosk to set up the backgound process.

Powered by VigiKiosk servers

We built a complete solution to monitor kiosks. No need to manage routers, routing ports. The data is sent automatically to VigiKiosk servers, and you just connect remotely to it from any location.

Many options

You can define the size of thumbnails, setup the name of each kiosk, the related zone (lobby, tradeshow) and the frequency of update for screenshots (from every minute to every 5 seconds).

Still having some questions?
Check Frequently Asked Questions. We are adding new topics very often.

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